Andermatt Realp Golf Club


At the Andermatt Golf Course, you can play without a club membership. The Andermatt Golf Course belongs to the Andermatt Realp Golf Club.

Andermatt Realp Golf Club

The Andermatt Realp Golf Club offers two membership models: a 9-hole in Realp and a 27-hole in Andermatt and Realp. The courses are just eight kilometres apart and could not be more different.

Andermatt.The championship course

Despite its location at more than 1,400 metres above sea level, the rambling Andermatt Golf Course is largely flat. Just four holes require not just precision when driving but also good leg muscles for the climb. Each hole has five tees: two for women (red and blue), two for men (yellow and white) and black for pros.

Realp.Alpine and challenging

It is probably the most Alpine course in the world. Here you not only need to have a good game but also need to be in good shape. The course is literally breathtaking. If you’re more interested in golfing than in hiking, you should book a golf cart.